Rental vs Purchase

Why Purchase over Renting?

The choice to purchase over renting your medical laser device will depend on your individual circumstances. Purchasing has a lower monthly cost, but requires a longer term commitment. If you are confident in your business’ demand for the procedure you are offering, purchasing allows greater monthly profit and provides an end point in which you will own the device outright and have no payments. This will certainly increase the profitability of your business. If you are not sure of the demand for the service you are adding, you may want to initially rent, then convert to a purchase once you know you have the clientele. Having both the rental and purchase option is what makes ZianMed unique in its ability to serve your needs to ensure you are financially successful.

Purchasing your device can be as beneficial a tax write-off as renting if you lease finance with a $1 buyout. By doing this, you can write-off your entire monthly lease purchase payment as if it was a rental.  Contact us at ZianMed and we can help you with your decision to rent or purchase and make getting your device extremely simple.

Why Rent Over Purchasing?

If  you are adding a new service to your business and are unsure of what the demand will be for that service, the rental option allows you to send the equipment back if the demand is so low that you are not profitable.There are many reasons why it would make sense to rent your medical equipment over purchasing.  Even though the monthly rental fee is slightly more than financing, renting  minimalizes the possibility of losing money when adding a new service due to the short term commitment. If you finance the equipment, you will be committed to the term of the loan even if your demand is low. For this reason, many business owners will rent first and then convert to a purchase once they have established that the demand for the service is profitable. Having both the rental and purchase option is what makes ZianMed unique in its ability to serve your needs and ensure you are financially successful.

Many business owners like to rent because of the no worry maintenance aspect of our Rental Agreement. There are never any maintenance worries ever because we provide all free parts on labor on your rental device. If you have a device issue, we fix it free. Another reason to rent your cosmetic medical equipment is due to the tax benefits. The monthly rental fee is a direct tax write-off expense for your business, while a purchase may have to be depreciated over time depending on the circumstances. Changing technology can also be a motivation to rent your medical equipment. If there is a large jump in technology, you can return your rented device and obtain the latest technology for your business. To also see the benefits of purchasing over renting, please go to the Purchase Option page link above.